Liberal International Democratic Training Academy

The Liberal International Democratic Training Academy is the liberal political talent academy in the Middle East of VVD International in partnership with Liberal International. The Democratic Training Academy is a dedicated academy for training politically oriented, high potential and talented youth across this region.

In the first year, the academy will be offering one course broken down into four modules, four weekends, wherein a carefully selected group of highly qualified individuals will be trained on different personal and political skills that prepare participants for successful political careers in the 21stcentury. The Academy’s curriculum offers teachings on the most modern and effective political strategies to date, as well as equipping participants with the tools to build on their leadership skills. Internationally recognised expert trainers follow students throughout the process, ensuring the highest quality supervision and development support.

This years selection of the Academy consists out of participants from the Moroccan liberal Parties: Union Constitutionnelle and Mouvement Popular; the Tunisian Afek Tounes party; The Egyptian Free Egyptian Party; The Jordanian organization Free Thought Forum; The Lebanese liberal party Future Movement; The Georgian liberal Republican Party and the from Armenia: Bright Armenia. During all four weekends VVD International Trainer Kamran Ullah will guide the young leaders through a series of sessions starting from getting to know each other to being a 21st century politician.

The participants of the Academy have experienced two of the four weekends so far. The first weekend took place in Rabat Morocco and was organized in partnership with Mouvement Popular. Participants, using results from their Lumina personality tests, focused first on what personal values and attributes drive them to fight for liberal values, as well as beginning work on interpersonal skills essential for any budding politician. Ruben Brekelmans, VVD International trainer, then took the group through training on how to communicate effectively with voters and how to draw inspiration from their personal experiences.

The second weekend, organized in partnership with Future Movement, took place in Beirut Lebanon. Participants focused first on how to use their personal values and experiences to build a political narrative for themselves, as well as beginning work on presentation skills essential for any budding politician. Claire Martens, Amsterdam VVD Council Member and Global Head of HR at Felyx, and Mirjam de Blécourt, Head of Employment and Pensions Law at Baker McKenzie, then took the group through training on how to craft a personal story to communicate effectively with voters and how to curate an online presence. The last two sessions will take place in Jordan and Bulgaria.

Interested? The participants for 2020 are already selected but don't hesitate to show interest in the 2021 edition! You can reach us at: or through our socials, Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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