Visit VVD International to Laisves Partija

On February 26 2020 a delegation of VVD international, consisting of International Secretary Lennart Salemink, International Officer Gijs Houben, Local Council Member Laurens van Doeveren and Political Assistant to MEP Schreinemacher Anne van Heijst, visited the Lithouanian liberal party Laisvés Partija.

Laivés Partija is a new born liberal party established in June 2019. It became member of ALDE that same year in October. The party, with around 3000 members, has respect for civil liberties in all spheres of society as core value. The political agenda is mainly focused on education, human rights and economic growth. The membership of the party is rather new, 70% of its members have never participated in politics before.

During the visit the delegation of the VVD met with party president Aušrinė Armonaitė, Vilnius mayor and deputy leader of the party Remigijus Šimašius and several party members during a small interactive training facilitated by Renaldas Vaisbrodas, the Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the Laisvès Partija. The delegation had interesting discussions about party membership, local campaigns and talent management.

Parliamentary elections will take place in Lithuania mid and end October. At this moment the party is polled at around 5% of the votes.