Working on our social media skills

On March 10, 2020 two colleagues of VVD international, Bas van den Berg and Darya Goncharova, visited The European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) in Brussels for a social media training.

In 2006 EnoP was established as a platform which serves as a dialogue and communication instrument between political foundations in Europe and the Institutions of the European Union. It also serves as civil society actors in the fields of development cooperation, democracy promotion and political dialogue. ENoP consists of 51 member foundations, coming from 22 countries within the European Union.

In the scope of the EU-funded Project Strengthening ENoP as actor in support of democratic and pluralistic societies, the colleagues of VVD International took part in the Capacity Building Training, dedicated to Social Media. The training was given by Vera Djemenlinskaia, who is a Social Media Manager at EU Neighbours East: EU OPEN Neighbourhood Programme. The 15 participants had to actively participate throughout the training and at the end of the day present their own social media project pitch.

The training was divided in three sections that focussed on strategic communication, storytelling and broadcasting through social media. During the training participants learned how to write an appealing message or how online behaviour of viewers works and can be analysed. Further the training focussed on the use of different apps and tools and how to use them. The social media training was very valuable for VVD International to participate in, because social media is essential in our daily work.

Do you want to read more about EnoP and their work? Visit their website.