Liberal Leadership Academy Georgia

It’s academy week! Over the past years, VVD International launched several successful academies together with our international partners. These academies have given us the opportunity to train a lot of talented and engaged participants from all over the world.Today we present to you the Liberal Leadership Academy: Georgia.

Last year VVD International, together with D66 International, launched the Liberal Leadership Academy: Georgia. Due to the popularity and success of this first ever Liberal Leadership Academy in Georgia both organizations decided to continue with this project and even extend the existing framework with an additional weekend.

There are multiple liberal political parties and organizations to be found in Georgia. This is great on the one hand but on the other hand it also means that the liberal landscape is heavily divided. The Georgian edition of the Liberal Leadership Academy tries to bring youth from these many different political parties and organizations together in two weekends. Together with two experienced trainers from both VVD and D66 International the participants will be guided through different aspects of the liberal spectrum and conclude that the differences aren’t as big as sometimes is portrayed in the media. Or sometimes they are....

This academy will focus on training political youth from different organizations and political parties. Our main goal is to develop participants with a skill set that will be useful in furthering their political careers. Last year the trainers tackled the problem from policy to campaign cycle whereby the participants had to find ‘Georgian’ problems, write a policy paper about the problem and eventually campaign on this paper.

Interested? The participants for 2020 are already selected but don't hesitate to show interest in the 2021 edition! You can reach us at: or through our socials, Instagram and Facebook for more information.