2020 through the lens of VVD International

On December 14, 16 and 18 VVD International looked back on 2020 through three webcast sessions: 2020 through the lens of VVD International.

The sessions covered the protests in Belarus, the several crises in Lebanon and the foreign policy of the United States of America. Several experts participated in panel discussion let by Ruben Brekelmans (chair of the thematic network ‘International’ of the VVD and Candidate MP) and Lennart Salemink (International Secretary of the VVD). Guests at these panel discussions were, among others, Sven Koopmans (Member of Parliament VVD and spokesman BUZA foreign policy), Daisy Mohr (NOS Correspondent Lebanon), Pete Hoekstra (US ambassador to the Netherlands) and many more.

VVD International is looking back with great joy and satisfaction to this series of webcasts. We are grateful to SHH Productions, our moderators and our guest speakers for their contribution to the sessions!

Watch the three webcasts now on YouTube!