Call for Applications: ELF Studio Europe


ELF Studio Europe is an annual recurring academy organised by VVD International in collaboration with the European Liberal Forum (ELF), the International Educational Center (IEC) and Projekt:Polska. The idea of ELF Studio Europe has its roots in the concept of Studio VVD, a capacity building and think tank project of the Haya van Somerenstichting. Studio VVD was born from the ambition of the Haya van Somerenstichting to bring together young professionals and political talents to work together to find solutions to liberal challenges without being hindered by traditional organisation bias.  

During the four sessions of ELF Studio Europe young and upcoming professionals will participate in education and training programs given by experts while focused on finding answers to the major challenges of liberalism in the 21st century. Working outside of the confines of the usual organizational structures, participants will be able to come up with and develop innovative approaches to various problems that liberals are in the European arena.

Covid-19 arguably halted the international affairs between liberals and liberal parties in Europe. Now that countries are starting to open up there is again the opportunity to organise international projects which contribute to foster cooperation between European liberals. The assignment for this year’s class of ELF Studio Europe is to introduce new ways that encourage cooperation between liberals and liberal parties in Europe. (For example: a common liberal campaign team in the EU, an academy that focusses on intercultural cooperation or a summer camp for 27 young liberals from all EU member states.)

Studio Europe uses a two-stream approach, the programme does not only focus on the end products created by the participants, but personal development is an important aspect of the programme as well. During the programme, participants receive trainings on intercultural cooperation, career counselling and project management. This two-stream approach helps participants to pursue their ideal career within their organisation. 

Important to note is that Studio Europe is not only an academy for political talents who pursue a political career. Studio Europe is also an academy for example project managers, international officers and policy makers who are working behind the scenes and want to bring their political organisation to a next level.


Studio Europe is divided into four different events spread over 2021, depending of course on the developments around the Covid-19 virus. For now, the four sessions of Studio Europe are expected to take place on the following dates: 

- 17-19 September

- 8-10 Oktober 

- 22-24 Oktober 

- 19-21 November


We are looking for energetic, high potential youth, who are active in a political environment, with interest in and experience promoting freedom, individualism, democracy and human rights in their communities. We see plurality as beneficial, therefore we strongly encourage women and members of minority groups to apply. Those who apply are committed to take part in all Studio Europe events organized, both digital and physical. 

Eligibility Criteria:

--- 20-35 years old

--- Background in politics and connected to a member party of the European Liberal Forum

--- From Europe (this includes the Caucasus)

--- Ability to work English

Other conditions:

Cost of accommodation and meals during the training will be covered by the organisers. Travel costs are reimbursed up to 300 EUR per participant after submitting the travel reimbursement form and all original supporting documents.

Application Process:

Participants must complete this application form, including sending a CV  and a Party recommendation or ELF affiliated regional networks recommendation letter, before 30 May to Selected candidates will be interviewed during the first two weeks of June. For further information please contact