Message From Gijs/Goodbye Gijs!

On Monday 10 January 2022, a new Dutch cabinet was sworn in by the King (Rutte IV)! Amongst one of them was also the new Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers. I’ll be joining him on this adventure as his Political Adviser! A new professional step at a really interesting Ministry. I'm looking very much forward to it!

Unfortunately, this also means an end to 3.5 years working for VVD International, a period of adventures and meeting interesting people. Working for VVD International and traveling to, amongst others, Algeria, Lebanon, Taiwan, Senegal, South Africa, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Jordan etc. will always stay with me. I have always enjoyed working with you as partners and parties and hope we will meet again in different capacities. 

In case you wish to reach me personally, I keep my phone number. If you have questions relating VVD International don’t hesitate to contact the International Officers Bas van den Berg ( and Christian Luijkx (