The Future Starts Now: Liberals on the future of Europe

Today, Europe faces the challenge of a generation. The Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE) presents a unique opportunity to forge a new path forward. Europe’s liberals are committed to fostering an honest debate about the Future of Europe. COFOE is an unprecedented democratic exercise, but it cannot be allowed to simply become a PR stunt. Citizens need to be at the core of deciding Europe’s future. Throughout COFOE, ALDE Party will bring together citizens and institutions to discuss the issues that matter most. 

The ALDE Party hosted a total of six town hall meetings in Sarajevo, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Prague and Warsaw. In collaboration with ALDE, VVD international organized the town hall meeting, named after ALDE's late President, and VVD member Hans van Baalen, making The Hague a symbolic final destination for the conference.

Besides inspiring opening and closing speeches, panel discussions created the opportunity to bring together citizens and institutions and to let them discuss the opportunities and challenges of Europe.

VVD international is, therefore, looking back on a successful weekend! We are also thankful for all VVD members who were present and enjoyed Malik, Liesje and Lennart who spoke on behalf of the VVD. 

We believe that the future of Europe starts now, and Europe's liberals are building a better future!