The Academies

VVD International has over 25 years international capacity building experience. Up to today, it still works successfully with many liberal organizations and political parties around the world. Much has been invested in different expert sessions, workshops and panel discussions on topics as campaigning, party structure, manifesto writing and much more. And with success! This remains key of the work VVD International does internationally.

However political parties won’t exist without people, qualified and educated people. Experience shows us that political parties need sufficient political talent. Without talent political parties would extinguish rapidly. To stress the importance of political talent and as addition to the capacity building work VVD International does, VVD International recently introduced new platforms: The VVD International Academy’s.

These academy’s focus purely on political talents of different liberal political parties and organizations across the Middle East, the Caucasus, Northern Africa and Europe. At this moment VVD International runs four physical and one online academy: Armenia, Georgia, Middle-East & Northern Africa and Europe. The academy’s provide a platform for young and talented political activists from the mentioned countries and regions.

The reason why VVD International increased its focus on young political talents is due to the absence of structured, recurring and local/regional platforms for this specific target group. Though there is an absolute necessity to educate and train the future generation, who might be the next leaders.

The academy’s will offer one course broken down into multiple modules, often across multiple weekends, wherein participants will follow different sessions on personal and political skills. Eventually we have the goal to prepare you for a successful political career. The curriculum offers teachings on the most modern and effective political strategies to date, as well as equipping participants with the tools to build on their leadership skills.

The VVD has quite some experience in training political talents. The politicians that you see working for the party, even our Prime Minister and Ministers, all have been trained by experts of the VVD. This experience will be translated into the academies by using VVD trainers and experts, using the successful models and by following the motto: practice, practice, practice!

Have a look around! And no academy in your country? Let us know!