Liberal International Democratic Training Academy

"LIDTA [Liberal International Democratic Training Academy]  helped me to become more politically involved. I learned how to establish a movement and how to get to the people I want to reach. Besides that it widened my network with people from various countries. All of that made it possible for us to establish the NGO and to set up the “Light up Beirut” project.”

 Tiffany Geara, Alumni Liberal Leadership Academy (class of 2019)


The Liberal International Democratic Training Academy (LIDTA) is VVD International’s high-level training course on a yearly base for talented young politicians from the Middle East and Northern Africa (or MENA-region). LIDTA was launched in 2019 in partnership with Liberal International (LI). In LIDTA, a carefully selected group of highly qualified individuals are trained on different personal and political skills that prepare participants for successful political careers in the 21stcentury. The Academy’s curriculum offers teachings on the most modern and effective political strategies to date, as well as equipping participants with the tools to build on their leadership skills. Internationally recognised expert trainers follow students throughout the process, ensuring the highest quality supervision and development support.

Examples of subjects that are covered in this academy are:

  •         Debate training and story telling
  •        Liberalism and democratic legitimacy (basic and advanced trainings)
  •      Intercultural negotiations and consensus building

Furthermore, the trainers of LIDTA focus in particular on improving the communications skills and the widening the network of our participants. In today’s world, liberal politicians must communicate increasingly with each other, whether it be within their communities, countries or at the international level. It is essential, especially in the MENA region, that liberals develop a network of support and collaboration that they can rely on to help grow their message at home. This is why one of the main focuses of LIDTA is to foster connections not only between participants of the course, but also allow for connections to be made with professional politicians from the region. Throughout the training, participants are given the opportunity to meet with and discuss political issues with members of the international liberal community.

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