Liberal Leadership Academy: Armenia

The Liberal Leadership Academy in Armenia is the oldest and most distinct academy organized by the international foundation of the Dutch Liberals (VVD International). Together with the international foundations of the Dutch Social Democrats (FMS), Dutch Christian Democrats (EFF), and the German Liberals (FNF), the Liberal Leadership Academy is organized every year during the summer in Armenia.

Liberalism, Socialism, and Christian Democracy have always been the main political ideologies amongst the political parties in the world. The origin of this academy, therefore, comes from the cooperation between different political parties and their respective ideologies. About 20 years ago, this academy was first brought to Armenia with the intention to let the political youth from different ideological backgrounds meet and talk with each other. The basis for discussion was their political differences as well as their similarities. Every year this results in a group of 20-30 young and talented politicians from different political angles befriending and connecting with each other. The core of the Liberal Leadership Academy in Armenia is to set up the inter-ideological dialogue. Furthermore, the focus has been on facilitating training on both theoretical and practical exercises that contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge, experience, and skills. Up till today, the exchange of experiences, the establishment of contacts, and the creation of a dialogue between the participants of various Armenian political parties are the main aspects of the academy.

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